A pioneer in this area, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County built investment-incentive aspects in the Research-Development-Innovation area into its own development strategy and the other objectives and aspects of regional development.
Our investment-motivation strategy is built on the recognition, that innovative projects developed and initiated by project owners will not be implemented on their own, but through the support of the regional development strategy. This way the development offers are in harmony with expected investor demands, thanks to the presence of an investment motivation strategy.

The specific objective of the county investment motivation is to attract investors to the region, and to preserve and motivate existing enterprises to further develop.

We believe that the county investment incentive strategy will contribute to the growth of competitiveness of townships. As a direct result the townships will be able to participate in the competition for investors more successfully.

Investment motivation for our county is also a township-marketing tool, that targets special groups (investors) and wishes to present them with the attractive quality of goods (township, as a potential premise, project, etc.)


The project was supported by NKTH

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