Economic possibilities

Lying in the heart of the Alföld, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county is and ideal investment location, as it has excellent soil. Conditions are especially beneficial for agriculture, as the number of sunny hours is high, due to this feature the county is one of the most significant producer in this field. Good quality soils of the plains are suitable for the production of base materials needed for bio-energy, and sun-, wind-, thermal water power are also perfect sources of alternative energy.

Generally the county has industrial-agricultural features. Its area can be divided into two parts: Jászság and Szolnok with stronger economic potential, and the micro-regions of Tiszántúl that are less known by investors, but have many unexploited values.

The sectors presenting the most net income and production rates are manufacturing, mechanical engineering, food industry, textile industry, trade and agriculture. Currently there are 12 industrial parks; one industrial zone and a business area operate in the county. Enterprises on an area of 590 ha altogether employ about 5,000 people in the industrial parks.

Many renowned enterprises ensure employment for locals, some of them listed below:

  • Electrolux Lehel Refrigerator Production Ltd., Jászberény (Production of domestic electronic devices)
  • Jász-Plasztik Ltd., Jászberény (battery manufacturing)
  • Bige Holding Trade and Production Ltd., Szolnok (wholesale trade of chemical products)
  • Tisza-Coop Plc. , Szolnok (Wholesale of food, drinks, tobacco, groceries)
  • Emcon Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., Jászárokszállás (Production of motor vehicle parts)
  • Claas Hungária Agricultural Mechanical Ltd., Törökszentmiklós (Manufacture of agricultural, forestry machinery)
  • Szatmári Trade and Services Ltd., Jászberény (wholesale of metal products)
  • Coop Star Trade Plc., Jászberény (Retail of food products)
  • Coop Szolnok Plc., Szolnok (Retail of food products)
  • Carrier Magyarország Manufacturer and Retailer of Cooling Equipment Ltd., Jászárokszállás

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