Skilled labor

In Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County continuous development features the fields of education and professional training. The main profile of training is technical education, however classical, economics-services and agricultural fields are significant as well.

The county has several higher educational institutions, such as:

  • The College of Szolnok (Szolnok)
  • Technical and Agricultural Faculty of The College of Szolnok (Mezőtúr)
  • Szent István University Faculty of Applied Humanities (Jászberény).

The chief town of the county is famous for The  College of Szolnok (, thousands of highly qualified commercial, catering trade and foreign economy experts have been trained since the establishment of the institution. In 2008, an important infrastructural investment, the completion of the Tiszaliget Campus building complex gave impulse to the development of the college. The institution has an excellent relationship with the employers of the region; as a result of its practice centred educational methods it provides highly qualified employees for the labour-market of the region.

The professional training of the county is coordinated by the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Training-Coordination Cooperation. The aim of the initiative is to reduce the number of unemployed; the drop-off rate of students involved in the training; and to coordinate the labour demand in the region with the number of graduating students.


The project was supported by NKTH

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