VIP support system

The Hungarian Government may grant a ‘VIP’ support package to such high value projects which cannot be beneficiaries of European Union financed tender possibilities.

In the framework of the support system the following support forms are available:
         (1) direct support, awarded by individual government decision (EKD),
         (2) development tax-reduction,
         (3) training support,
         (4) employment-creating support.

Currently, direct support can be obtained in the following fields for investments with certain value:



Investment in processing industry

10 million Euro

Research and development investments

10 million Euro

Establishment of regional service centre

10 million Euro

Logistics investment

10 million Euro

Tourist investment

50 million Euro

Concerning the VIP support system the ITD Hungary Plc. can provide information and advice and in certain cases assists investments in Hungary acting as project manager.


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