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The database separates the following sectors:

 R-D-I: One of the most significant sectors of the future is the research-development-innovation built on a high level knowledge base. The county can only become competitive on the market if the local enterprises adapt to new technology and changing demands.

Tourism: Unique natural values can be found in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, which can serve as a base to create various medical- and eco-tourist services. 
Industry: Many industries – mechanical industry, electronics, and chemical industry - have significant history in the county, which need constant innovation in order to develop. The required skilled labour and growing number of industrial parks ensures the technical background.

Renewable energy: Natural features of the region – soil, thermal water, high number of sunny hours, wind energy – are adequate sources of alternative energy.

Recycling: Reducing the production of waste is of growing importance nowadays. In the same way it is important to exploit the possibilities of recycling using innovative technology.
Agriculture & process industry: The county has one of the best agricultural potentials in the country, giving a good opportunity for the production of high quality bio-products, too.

Trade and services: Good opportunities for trade and modern businesses, development of info-communication services.


The project was supported by NKTH

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