Vision of the future

We pursue the appearance of all county project opportunities without exception in our database in the near future.
In order to do this thorough and diverse work is needed by the agency, together with economy motivating programs that create opportunities to popularize the database and present results.

Thanks to the efficient work, dedicated marketing strategy and business-based thinking of the agency we hope to see the competitiveness of the county increase.

Experience shows that for agencies, organizations to manage potential project properly, thus supporting the economic boom of the region in a short period of time, an appropriate organizational structure needs to be set up.

Attention needs to be paid when forming such an organization to the co-operational, labor and capacity – sharing opportunities with existing bodies.

The aim of the organization is to market the database as an individual product, and to introduce the system to the public.


  • The presentation of local governmental and regional project opportunities abroad and in Hungary (project coordination, representation at events, exhibitions)
  • Support of investment motivation by local governments.
  • To find an appropriate regional project for each external investment demand.
  • Keep hold of the external investors interested in the region.
  • Inform foreign investors.


  • Informal meetings with future investors
  • Continuous media communication – press conferences, post-communication of event participation, media publicity for successful project.

The project was supported by NKTH

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